We blast freeze all our quail to be sold as falcon food. This ensures a safer food source for your valuable falcons with the lowest possible bacteria formation. It also produces the highest possible meat quality due to lower crystallisation of the water within the meat, compared to conventional freezing methods often used by other quail producers.

How it works.
A blast freezer can take a freshly culled quail from approximately 37.5 degrees centigrade at its centre down to -18 degrees centigrade in as little as 4 hours. Compared to a conventional freezing method of around 24 hours. This will ensure that the meat of the quail is preserved to its highest possible quality and standard by quickly locking in its nutritional value and preventing the large crystallisation of the water cells produced by a conventional freezer.
Smaller crystals mean less damage will occur to the meat, maintaining its colour, texture and flavour, making for happier Falcons at feeding time.
It also helps maintain meat structure and quality during the thawing process.

Another benefit to blast freezing is the prevention of bacteria formation in the quail. As soon as a quail is culled bacteria starts to form and conventional freezing gives this bacteria plenty of time to multiply and to potentially become a hazard to your falcons. By blast freezing the quail, the bacteria is stopped in its tracks far sooner as the temperature is reduced to -18 degrees centigrade within 4 hours. This stops bacteria growth and ensure a 100% safe food source for your Falcons.

An old saying "you are what you eat" can be attributed to all living animals so when you chose your quail for your champion falcons ensure you give them the best quail you can buy on the market, and insist its blast frozen.