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Why should i feed Quail to my Falcons?

Quail is a natural food source for wild Falcons and has long been regarded as the number 1 feed for Falcons by many top level Falconers across the world, due to its high quality vitamin and mineral levels.Feeding Quail regularly helps bring out the best in your Falcons leaving a happier more content Falcon.It has come to pass that many of the champion racing Falcons in the United Arab Emirates are all bred and reared on a high quality Quail diet and as the old saying goes, "You are what you eat", Quail really is "The Feed for Speed!"

Dec 16, 2019 0 comments

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Why Blast Frozen Quail?

We blast freeze all our quail to be sold as falcon food. This ensures a safer food source for your valuable falcons with the lowest possible bacteria formation. It also produces the highest possible meat quality due to lower crystallisation of the water within the meat, compared to conventional freezing methods often used by other quail producers. How it works.A blast freezer can take a freshly culled quail from approximately 37.5 degrees centigrade at its centre down to -18 degrees centigrade in as little as 4 hours. Compared to a conventional freezing method of around 24 hours. This will ensure...

Dec 12, 2019 0 comments

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